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Witzenmann products are delivered to all reputable automotive and system manufacturers today.
For the exhaust gas area, decoupling elements or expansion elements of different designs are manufactured that decouple vibrations, heat expansion or engine movements. Flexible exhaust gas re-circulation lines contribute significantly to improved pollutant emissions, and the formation of nitrogen oxides in the combustion process is reduced.
In oil, fuel and cooling circuits, the advantages of flexible metal lines include their absolute gas and diffusion tightness, long service life and temperature resistance. This is an essential criterion, especially when they are routed close to exhaust manifolds, turbochargers or the exhaust system.

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Pipes for the battery

We develop piping systems for the directed degassing of batteries, for cooling or temperature control and for the safe routing of media. Our metallic pipelines are thin-walled, lightweight, space-saving and temperature-resistant.

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Components in the chassis

Being a part of the chassis, accumulators play an important role in optimising energy storage and use, improving overall performance as well as promoting sustainable transport solutions.

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Pipes for the CO2 air conditioning system

In order to make air conditioning in vehicles more environmentally friendly and efficient, the trend is to move away from refrigerants that are increasingly harmful to climate in favour of natural refrigerants such as CO2. The upcoming PFAS ban may accelerate the use of CO2 air conditioning systems in vehicles.

Thanks to its lower greenhouse potential and higher efficiency compared to conventional refrigerants, CO2 represents an environmentally friendly alternative.

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Pipes and Pipe Assemblies

Flexible or semi-flexible pressure-resistant pipes are used as cooling water, oil and air-conditioning ducts as well as charged air lines.
This involves flexible and tube geometries adapted to suit the customer's specific needs, which offer the best technical and economical solutions using various production processes and materials.

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Automotive parts for hydrogen applications

In mobility of the future, hydrogen will pay an important role in particular where long ranges and high loads are required. In electric cars, HGVs, trains ane aeroplanes, our thin-walled flexible and rigid pipelines are used wherever hydrogen needs to be transported safely from A to B.

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Automotive Components close to the Engine

Witzenmann manufactures exhaust gas expansion elements fitted close to the engine and high pressure resistant bellows elements.

  • technically gas-tight
  • for compensation of vibrations, thermal expansions and fitting tolerances
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Automotive Components in the Exhaust System

In the exhaust gas area, decoupling elements of various designs are used as hose joints or conduits. They absorb vibrations, thermal expansions and engine movements.

  • universal applications
  • with round or oval cross-section
  • temperature and corrosion resistant
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Other Automotive Components

Corrugated hoses that are reliably tight conduct hydraulic oils, cooling water or gases. Extremely flexible protective hoses protect the electrical cables from mechanical and thermal loads and absorb high tractive forces.

  • a wide range of geometries
  • mechanically and thermally resistant
  • sturdy
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